Comfortable athletic clothing. If you are coming in for an issue with the knee, it’s best to have shorts to change into. Footwear should be walking/running shoes.

Most appointments run between 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

The first visit is an evaluation where we talk for about 10-20 minutes to get a thorough history, do a standing movement assessment, check symmetry and posture, check range of motion for all joints in the same region as the issue, check strength for all muscle groups in the region of the issue, and perform the exercises that will be included in your home exercise program. Home exercise programs can be emailed, texted, or printed out and will be on the MedBridge platform.

Yes, Sam is certified to perform functional dry needling through Kinetacore and often uses electrical stimulation with the needles.

The Alter G treadmill offers a way to walk, run, or perform exercises at differing weight-bearing percentages. It uses a scale in the treadmill to weigh an individual and uses air pressure to then unload the lower extremities. For instance, when coming back from a lower extremity injury we can start walking on the Alter G at 70% of body weight and gradually work up to 100% of body weight over time.

We are lucky to be conjoined with Epic Fitness Center and patients have full access to the gym during their appointments.

All government insurances (Medicare, Medicaid, VA, BCBS Federal) and Worker’s Comp require a referral. Most private insurances do not require a referral, but this often changes. It is best to check with our billing specialists to ensure a referral isn’t needed for PT.